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Making time for reading can be hard sometimes. Life just gets in the way sometimes, so in this post, I’ll discuss ways to make reading easier, to find time for reading, to prioritize it and how to knock titles of your TBR pile.



  • When you can’t read… LISTEN!
    • As you might have read in one of my previous posts, I recently got a subscription for Scribd and I fell in love with it. Because of my dog, I walk a lot and nowadays I put on an audiobook while doing that. I love listening to a book while walking with him! Before I never understood why people loved audiobooks so much, but now I’m starting to understand. It’s a great way to get some reading done while doing something else as well.
  • One chapter at a time.
    • Big books can be daunting to tackle, so take it one chapter at the time. Most of the time, I just tell myself I’ll start with one chapter and I end up reading more than one chapter. But starting just that one chapter got me into the book good enough to read more.
  • Read while waiting.
    • Because of my subscription on Scribd, I always have books on me because I have the app on my phone. While I have to wait for an appointment I grab my phone and start reading, sometimes it’s only one chapter and sometimes it’s more. I now read instead of scrolling to Facebook while waiting. If you don’t have a subscription to an eBook seller, just bring a book with you everywhere you go and get reading while you wait!
  • Create a distraction-free zone.
    • Everyone gets distracted nowadays because of Facebook, Netflix and more. When I want to read I make sure my laptop, phone and the remote control to the TV are put away. When I read on my iPad I download the book and switch off my WiFi when I know I’ll be distracted otherwise. Create a space in which distractions are limited, so you can dive into your book!
  • Choose your next read with some creativity.
    • Sometimes deciding what to read next is hard. So many books, so little time. Try choosing your next read by making a TBR Jar or by using the Decide Now! app in which you can make a wheel for a genre, setting, lead protagonist or more and spin the wheel.  Another way that I used in the past was selecting a few books I wanted to read, take a photo and text a friend to choose! There are a lot of fun ways to choose your next read!
  • Get a subscription on an eBook seller.
    • I talk about this quite a bit in this post already, but I love my subscription with Scribd. It’s so easy and I always have books on me to read or listen to. My house is currently a reno-zone and my bookcases are being blocked by things that need to go into the bathroom, so having Scribd makes me actually able to read now because I literally can’t reach any of my books at the moment.

Hopefully, my tips can help you!

<3 Samantha

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