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Upcoming Readathons

Lately, I have been thinking about participating in some readathons to read some more. The last few weeks have been slow, so this might be a good way to get read! Here is a list of upcoming/current readathons for 2018! Let me know if you participate in any!
<3 Samantha
1-14 | SciFi Summer
1-30 | #ReadingWomenMonth
1-30 | Jazzy June
1-30 | EmptyShelfie
1-30 | Booktube ReReadathon
Jun 1-Aug 31 | Riordathon
3-9 | BreReadathon
4-10 | #AYearathon (Catch up/finish series)
8-14 | SapphicAThon
9-15 | Sabaathon
10-16 | Queer Lit Readathon
10-17 | Cram-a-thon
11-17 | Seasonal Series Readathon
17-23 | Manga Readathon
Jun 21-Sep 21 | Seasonal Series Readathon
22-28 | Duodecathon
23-30 | Quarterly Oops-A-Thon
Jun 25-Jul 1 | FinnAThon
Jun 29-Jul 12 | Tome Topple Readathon
30 | Four Seasons 24 Hour Readathon

1-7 | Grab On Readathon
1-7 | #becausedragonsRAT
1-8 | Read-Eh-Thon
1-31 | Scifi July
1-31 | EmptyShelfie
1-31 | High Summer
1-31 | Booktube ReReadathon
2-8 | #AYearathon (TBR catch up)
3-9 | BreReadathon
8-15 | Retell-a-thon
9-15 | #becausedragonsRAT
14 | #ReadYourFaceOff 24 Hour Readathon
14-20 | Biannual Bibliothon
21-22 | 24in48 Readathon
22-28 | Duodecathon
Jul 30-Aug 5 | Booktube-A-Thon

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Hello lovely people,

The #As Told By Me part of my blog is the more personal side. These posts won’t be about books, but I do hope you enjoy them! So here is the first one about my experience at the Adele concert!

Last Friday – June 3rd 2016 – (more like FriYay), was the second concert Adele gave in the Netherlands, and I had tickets for my mum IMG_2288and me! I bought them for my mum’s birthday and they also were her Christmas present (since they weren’t cheap), but it was worth every penny that I spent. We drove to a friend of ours, who live close to Amsterdam; we left at around 1 pm. 2 Hours later, we parked our car and dropped of our stuff and headed to Amsterdam by train.

Before arriving at the Arena station, we stopped at Amsterdam Central because I wanted Starbuck – I don’t have own where I live – but we couldn’t find it that fast, so we ended up taking a Ola Swirl instead. Around 4.30pm we arrived at the Amsterdam Arena station and my mum’s dress got stuck in the escalator!! Fortunately, the people from NS were quickly with us and they had to cut her dress – there was only a little bit of damage. We left the station and ate at a sushi place called Ichi-E, it was delicious! I had the chicken and my mum choose salmon.

After we finished eat, we walked to the Ziggo Dome, which was less then 5 minutes away. At 6.30pm the doors opened and we were allowed into the Ziggo Dome. We had some good place, we sat at the North Ring 2 on row 1! We were very early, but the later it got -the show strated at 8pm – the more people arrived – in the end the room was almost entirely filled with people.

The concert started a bit later then 8pm, but it was worth the wait. Adele is so good! She sounds just IMG_2311like – if she isn’t even better then – the audio on the CD. At around 10.30pm the concert ended. We have enjoyed the concert so much. Adele is so funny, sweet and humble. She plucked some people form the room and invited them on stage to take a picture with her – kind of jealous of them – and she told us about when and why she wrote numbers and so much more! #SPICEGIRLS – Adele is a huge fan of them ;). To be concise: IT WAS SUPER AWESOME!!

After the concert, I bought a t-shirt with on the front ‘hello’ and on the back ’25’ and when we left the Ziggo Dome we met up with our friend, who came to the station to pick us up. We had some drinks and went to his place.

It was a amazing concert! The next time she does a concert – which might be some time from now – I want to go again, and maybe try to go two nights!